Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Temperature science

Two weeks ago we were learning about temperature . First you need 3 bowls . One warm on 

the right, one cold on the middle and one freezing cold on the left . Put one hand in the warm

and the other hand in the freezing cold water for about 1 minutes . Then put both hands in the 

cold water. My warm hand felt cold and my freezing hand felt warm .

I learnt that using your hand is not a good way of measuring temperature.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Holiday P.M.I


In the holidays I watched The Amazing Spider-man 2. It was cool. I watched it with my mum.
Yesterday me and my mum and my sister went to aunty's house. There was my other aunty and my

Niece. I played wii with Alvi and Oishi.  My sister won the race.

At easter I had a lot of chocolate eggs.


My dad has to call my name 10 times.

I didn't win a competition at What Now.

It was raining hard and we couldn't go to someones house.


It rained for a whole week.

My sister scared me.

I enter a competition to win a mpg scooter.