Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cross country writing

On Thursday morning the Rss seniors went to skouglund park for the cross 


First Vanessa said, “Right R6 line up.” We walked all the

Way to Skouglund park. We walked pass a truck it was  

  to stinky that we have to hold our breathes. when we arrived to Skouglund Park we took of our bags and eat. 

There was worms on the grass. When it was the year 4 girls race I was 

nervous . First we did warm ups with Troy we did stretches. When we went to 

the start line ebony said on your marks get set go. I sprinted at the start then I 

 jog. We Jog around the cone until we jog down The hill. My legs were sore but I have to Keep going. I jogged across the bridge Then I run up the big stairs it was like climbing up a big mountain. I started running To get to the finish line. I was getting a stitch I was nearly at the finish line that my mum was there . when I cross the finish line I hugged 

my mum and my mum hugged me I told my mum that I was ‘second to last”
. Then my mum said “put on your jacket it is going to rain”. Then I said goodbye mum and my mum said goodbye. 

Then I was playing tag with my friends Maya,Jhaz,Shaiv,Annalise, and 

william. when it started to rain we get our bags and run to get under the 

shelter. The teachers said sit down everybody. Me and jhaz played I dare

you. When the bus arrive to pick us up I strolled to the bus then I played

paper scissors rock with patrick. When the bus driver started to drive me

and shaiv played I dare you. When we arrived at school we got out of the bus 

then we strolled back to class we put our bags on our hooks and I played tag 
with marion,shaiv,jhaz,maya. When it was home time everybody went home

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Robot Art

WALT: Layer corrugated card to create a Robot
To be successful we need to....
 - Create a corrugated body section 
 - Have at least 2 layers of corrugated card on main parts
 - Use a variety of different shapes
 - Cut shapes correctly
 - Use a ruler
 - Not show pencil lines
 - Fill up empty spaces
 - Stick pieces on with lots of glue
 - Create robot features