Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Marae trip

We were meeting in the hall this morning with our gear for the marae trip. When the bus arrived at 9:15 we all got on the bus one at a time. I sat next to jhaz. While the bus driver drives to the marae me and jhaz played I spy and then this this backwards game, its where the person gives the other person a word and has to say it backwards. I thought it was going to take at least 10 minuets but instead it was longer. it took FOREVER!! to get there. then we finally arrived at the marae. we got out of the bus the made us dizzy, well some people were dizzy. We lined up outside the marae. It was windy and cold like it was snowing. I was wearing a jacket but i was still cold like ICE. When the lady greeted us our buddies were with us. We walked inside the marae and we took our shoes off and our school bags. Then we went inside, we sang and then our buddies sang. The women and the man greeted us in maori and english. After that we had brunch then we did the activities. The first activity I did with my group was weaving flax with fiona. We did angel fish.

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