Thursday, 17 September 2015


For homework we can choose to make a maori song or a game. I picked to make a game here is the made up game. The game is called maorioply.
All it does is that you roll the dice and only 4 players can play. If you get a one you have to miss a turn. If you land on a challenge you pick the card up and if it says you have to dance you have to do it or otherwise you have to go back to the start. 


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  2. Hi Arisha.
    My name is Emily and I go to Frankley School in New Plymouth. I like the idea of your game. I think it is very creative. I'm interested in what made you choose the game instead of the song? Also What made your class do this? Was it for any reason? Here is a link to one of my presentations when our class was learning about Maori. It is called Matariki On Scratch.