Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El rancho writing

W.A.L.T persuade 

Is El rancho a safe and friendly place? 

I am certain that El rancho is a safe and friendly camping site in waikanae where you get a friendly welcome by one of the instructors.

El rancho is a safe place and I can prove it is a safe and friendly place. Durning the activities even though some activities could be dangerous but the instructors are there to make sure you are safe and they will always be watching out for you just in case if you make a mistake in one of the activities.

There are safety lines in archery and rifles for you to stand behind if it is not your turn to do the activity and in horses there are different types of horses, if you are scared of horses then you go on a slow one and you also wear a helmet ( of course ) then in kayaking you wear life jackets and you are in a pond.

In kayaking if you are scared then the instructor will hook your kayak and drag your kayak around the pond. In rifles you have safety glasses on and in archery the instructors make you are holding the bow and arrow right.

In conclusion, I believe I have provided enough evidence that El rancho is a safe and friendly place for your family.

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