Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Market day reflections

For ten weeks as you might already know we have been in groups planning and making products for the last ten weeks. And we are writing our reflections about the last ten weeks.

So here is my reflection writing.

Yellow hat:

The successful thing about the last ten weeks was working together as a group. Like making the posters, planning what we were going to make and finding the materials we needed.

Black hat:

The challenging thing was finding some clear iPhone cases at a low price. The other challenging thing was that our group had $20 dollars to spend on making our products.

Blue hat:

Whats next is I'm going to intermediate.

Next time my group could do mini iPhone cases.

Feedback: I like how your planning played off

Feedforward: you could have
Made your prices higher

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


In class we are in groups of three and one or two groups of four have been planning our market day products. The groups or the whole entire class as a group get cash to make the products, My group is called "The JAG melons," we are making iPhone(and Samsung) cases with our watermelon mascot it. Here is the photo of our product.

It comes in blue and a pink version.

Here is the slide were we put our ideas on and put in the materials in.

Feedback I like the iPhone cases

Feedforward: make the photos smaller 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Buddy novel study

W.A.L.T engage in a "novel study" with a buddy

In class we have been doing buddy novel study were we are in a pair and we have the same books. We make a slide about our research on the book we read and we are giving tasks but now we are just putting in our summary because it saves time.

Feedback: I love the slide it is very tidy keep up the good work.

Feedforward: for your description maybe you could add commas but other wise its good 👍. Riley.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Te makete

W.A.L.T  use these Te Reo Māori sentences about the Market!

In class we have been doing te reo where we learned new Maori sentences and words to use in market day. So in our market day groups we made videos and posters with the Maori sentences and

Here is the video.

Here is the poster.

Feedback: I love the photos with Al, the colors 

Feedforward: Maybe next time you could have written a little more 


W.A.L.T make our own questions

In class we have been doing this type of maths which I forgot it's name. We are in our year groups and each year group does a different kind of maths. Here are photos of what the year six's are doing.

See if you can figure it out.

This is how many people got them right.

If you can't read.
Fyfe ✔️
Caid✔️(mason told him)
Hayley✔️ (because she is my partner)
Quiana✔️ (she cheated)

Feedback: your pictures need to be more clear because I can not read the little writing📝

Feedforward: you did fantastic because the first picture was clear